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3D LCD TV production in Zhoushan
‐Updated2013-11-29/ ‐Print/ ‐Close

Newport Park, Economic Development Zone in Zhoushan, Zhejiang Tianlu photovoltaic project plant decoration and equipment installation has entered the mop-up stage. According to plan, by the Tian Lu Group, Philip Johnson Group, a record figure as peacekeeping joint investment of about 120 million yuan of naked eye 3D LCD TV production lines, to achieve production in mid-September.

National Day this year, the first batch of about 1,000 naked-eye 3D LCD TV will be available in the Castle.

From the "commercial" to "home" for all-cause here "nice view"

A specially treated 40 inches LCD (liquid crystal display abbreviation), looks and general LCD screen no difference. But the Open button, which the world has unique character.

Poke the sky, the clouds deep, a propeller plane to fly from one side of the middle of the screen, and then turn almost equal to the screen, accompanied by a huge roar accelerate the aircraft is on the eye comes, as if from the head over and over ...... visit it all depends on the naked eye, completely without the aid of "3D glasses" and any other tool.

This is the naked eye 3D technology, the industry called "3D glasses Terminator."