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Accelerate the popularity of LED TV
【Updated:2014-7-23】 【Print】 【Close

The PRC, according to statistics, from January to October, China's color TV market sales of 16.477 million units, sales of 65.38 billion yuan. Among them, the LCD TV sales of 12.394 million units, accounting for 91.27% of the entire TV market share; sales of 60.92 billion yuan, accounting for 93.18% of the entire TV sales. Reporters found that the overall growth rate this year, LCD TV sales has slowed, but the significant growth in sales growth, mainly because of the rapid spread of LED (light emitting diode) TVs.
     LED accounted for three percent share

     LED TV market share is growing rapidly, in October accounted for 30.49% of the entire TV market.

     "Fly" used to describe LED TV LCD TV market growth rate is not an exaggeration. The PRC, according to statistics, from January to October, LED TV sales grew 3696.1%, sales rose 1496.31%. Expert analysis, China's LCD TV market in the first half of 2009 appear 增量不增收 phenomenon, its most direct reason is the rapid decline in the average price of LCD TVs. This year, LED backlight whole enterprise become higher value added products "vanguard."

     From the beginning of the second half of last year, LED TV, the Internet and other new emerging TV, LCD TV into a new round of replacement. Data from the PRC, display, from October 2009 to October 2010, LED TV cent of all TV sales share is rising, respectively: 1.11%, 1.49%, 2.46%, 3.27%, 3.23%, 3.65 %, 6.77%, 8.89%, 10.93%, 13.55%, 17.42%, 25.44% and 30.49%. Especially in October this year, LED TV has occupied three percent market share.

     Because LED TV growth trend is good, the upstream industry chain is also showing good momentum of development. DisplaySearch statistics show that in 2010 large-size LCD panels in the third quarter revenue of $ 21.3 billion, with LED backlight module panel market share increased from 37 percent in 2010 to 44 percent in the second quarter. If from a volume perspective, third quarter 2010 shipments of LED panels reached 77 million, growth of 6%. Market penetration of the LED backlight modules in 2010 from 42.7% in the second quarter jumped to 47.2%. Third quarter of 2010, LED backlight module in the display market penetration of 21%, the laptop market penetration of 93%, in the LCD TV market penetration rate of 26%.

     Deputy General Manager of Greater China, David Hsieh, DisplaySearch said, because the lack of orders and reduce inventory in the third quarter LCD panel industry oversupply, panel shipments fell while prices fell, the panel also further reduces plant capacity utilization. However, even if the overall decline in shipments, shipments of LED backlight panels continued to grow, making the development of LED industry trend towards more pronounced.

     Energy efficiency standards for "blowing wind"

     Implementation of flat-panel TV energy efficiency standards will promote a rapid transition to a traditional LCD TV LED products.

     December 1 this year, the national mandatory standards GB24850-2010 "flat panel TV energy efficiency of limited value and energy efficiency rating" officially implemented.