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TV online sales surged 77%
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Ovid Consulting recently released "the first half of 2014 China's color TV market summary report" shows that in the first half of this year, the domestic color TV sales volume and prices up in varying degrees of decline, but in terms of sales channels, the traditional channels and market share in the case of offline channels clear differentiation.

     The first half of 2014, China's total domestic market for 20.93 million color TV sets, down 9%; sales amounted to 69.6 billion yuan, down 15%. Which sold 20.57 million LCD TV units, down 6%; sales amounted to 68.3 billion yuan, down 12%.

     Traditional channels and online channels to distinguish the first half of 2014 sales of traditional channels 17,940,000 units, accounting for 86%, down 16%; sales amounted to 60.9 billion yuan, accounting for 87.5%; fell by 21%; online channel sales of 2.98 million units, accounting for 14%, an increase of 77%. Sales amounted to 8.7 billion yuan, accounting for 12.5%; an increase of 68%. Online channels still maintain high rate growth.

     From the TV market performance in the second quarter, the second quarter of 2014 China's total domestic market for 10.03 million color TV sets, down 8%; 33 billion yuan sales volume, down 18%. Which sold 9.91 million LCD TV units, down 4 percent; sales amounted to 32.6 billion yuan, down 14%.

     Sub-traditional channels and online channels, the 2014 second quarter, the traditional Chinese color TV sales in the domestic market channels to 8.16 million units, down 17 percent, sales amounted to 27.8 billion yuan, down 25%; 1.87 million online sales channels units, up 95%, sales volume 5.2 billion yuan, an increase of 86%.