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LED display industry in the first half 2014
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LED large screen market status quo

On the current development situation, LED display products has been the first relatively narrow professional, high-end applications (such as radio and television, electricity, telecommunications, etc.) is now extended to cover public administration, people's livelihood, energy, industrial, commercial, and entertainment dozens subdivision applications. With the upstream LCD panel makers continue to push products constantly updated Chen cloth new, LED display product line, the trend of the LCD panel makes the product more "close to the people. At this stage, the current mainstream large-screen display technology, LED display market share to 48% of the overall market, almost to catch up with the market share of DLP.

Technology base and level of China's LED display industry is quite advanced, major products and key technology and international advanced level in the same industry can be broadly consistent, but the level of technology is still relatively backward, in product standardization, the whole system design, reliability aspects of the manufacturing process, testing and other testing methods have significant gaps and abroad. LED technology and device performance continues to improve, the rapid development of electronic technology, which brings a good foundation for the LED display technology to deepen and improve the product. Meanwhile LED display in all areas of social life has been widely used, the development of semiconductor lighting industry, LED display industry to bring more good opportunity, therefore, LED display market outlook. Deepen the technical content, rich product system, product diversification, highlight the advantages of the leading products will be an important trend in the LED display industry.

In the LED display industry, business groups within the industry will be properly classified, and gradually form a key control system technology research-based technology development-oriented enterprises, to large-scale, standardized production based products manufacturing enterprises, in order to promote the application market technology-based service-oriented enterprises, in order to meet the needs of the professional market-oriented professional application-oriented enterprises. But the face of complex, mixed LED market, how to break through? We can do some simple analysis from the perspective of capital and management perspective.

The first half of 2014 the trend of small spacing display high-definition big screen singing mainstream

As a high-intensive industries, commercial large-screen display industry has already entered the era of application is king, but it was not able to conceal its trend of relying on technology to promote the fact that it is based on this, the industry trend will continue. Now, 2014 is already more than half, during which technology has hot words, it's also a metaphor for how the industry trend? We figure of perspective.

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