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LED display in the first half perspective
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The first half of 2014, LED upstream chip impressive overall performance. Since the second half of 2013, LED chip market demand to maintain growth momentum in the fourth quarter to date, three quarters of decline in chip prices have been low, and the enterprises of a significant rebound in profitability. Since 2012, the display market slowdown, LED lighting market is gradually getting better, alternative lighting applications has become a driving chip display applications demand power.

     Through the perspective of the industry semi-annual cases can be expected, there are three types of the company's future performance is expected to continue to rise, in the fierce competition in the market and increased profits income. First, LED lighting pulling effect on the industry will become more apparent to fully benefit from the boom of LED lighting is expected to increase corporate profits; secondly, a small pitch instead of the traditional large-screen LED TV wall to fight the trend has been established; In addition, increased competition, industry under the elevated concentration trends, industry chain enterprises will fully benefit from the bigger competition.

     2014 LED display market demand will continue to grow compared to previous years, but the price war is difficult to escape the "fate", companies will face more brutal knockout, and finally the industry will "left" for the king. With the survival of the fittest competition in the market, LED display enterprises PK does not always stay in the price, but a combination of hardware and software integrated strength.

     In the 2014 first half display market, small pitch HD screen is undoubtedly the mainstream market. Within the industry for several large-scale type of backbone enterprises in real time to seize this blue ocean market. Has been an important reason to LCD and LED display can not be represented by the commercial large-screen product to compete is on display in the gap. With high-density fine pitch LED product launch, this short board largely been filled. It is also because of this, LED display began to have a high-profile clout.