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4K TV panel of the value chain is facing enormous changes in 2014
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The flat panel display market research firm NPD Display Search observed, with the rapid expansion of 4K (also known as ultra-high-resolution -UHD) liquid crystal (LCD) TV market, 4KLCD TV panel value chain will also face huge shift in 2014.

     NPD Display Search analyze cause of these changes are the following: the development of new technologies 1.4K TV panels, such as RGBW, M + or 1G1D; 2 Samsung (Samsung) and LGE's 4K TV panel procurement policy preferences panel supply within the Group. display manufacturers Samsung and LG Display (LGD) based; 3, Samsung and LG display 4K TV panel show positive sales to the Chinese market; Chinese TV makers to become more active in terms of procurement 4K TV panels.

     (Quarterly LCD TV Value Chain & Insight Report) in the LCD TV industry value chain and analyze the latest quarterly report released by NPD Display Search, the following points represent a change 4KLCD TV value chain:

     Global TV manufacturers plan to purchase 2,000 ten thousand 4K TV panels in 2014

     It is estimated that in 2014 global TV manufacturers plan to purchase $ 21 million tablets panel to panel makers. NPD Display SearchTFTLCD monthly shipments Library (MonthlyTFTLCDShipmentDatabase) pointed out that although the panel makers plan to export more than 20 million pieces 4KLCD TV panels in 2014, but the results show that the first half of 2014, the actual shipments of only 6.4 million, many of them panel makers such as AUO, BOE, Huaxing power, S-LCD, LGD show has not yet reached the target ship.

     According to NPD Display Search research, in 2014, six Chinese TV brands (TCL, Hisense, Haier, Changhong, Konka, Skyworth) will purchase a total of 7.3 million TV panels, accounting for 36% of the global total. Chinese market is still the world's largest 4K TV market, but the major manufacturers such as Samsung LCD TV panel show, LGD, Innolux, AUO and Huaxing Electric will be the Chinese market as its most important region 4K TV panel shipments.

     In addition to Chinese TV brands, Samsung TV and LGE will purchase a total of 6.1 million TV panels, accounting for 30% of the global total, which means that Korean TV brands will also be actively involved in 4K TV market and has become an important supplier. This 2013 global 4K TV market are concentrated in China's situation is different. In other words, 4K TV market will compete between Korea and China TV brands. On the other hand, Japanese TV brand Sony (Sony), Toshiba (Toshiba), Sharp (Sharp), Panasonic (Panasonuc) will purchase 2.5 million TV panels in 2014, accounting for 12% of the global total.

     Source Chinese TV brands 4K panels: 44% of Taiwan, South Korea 27%, 29% Chinese

     NPD Display Search, said, 4KLCD TV supply chain are facing enormous change. 2013, Taiwan panel makers, especially Innolux, dominates the supply of 4K TV panels. But now more and more Chinese TV makers began to S-LCD TV panels and LGD purchase 4K. The following table shows the 2014 New 4KLCD TV value chain, where we can see:

     B all major TV brands have obvious 4K TV panel supplier and the second largest supplier. For example, 72% of Samsung TV 4K TV panels from S-LCD, which is the second largest supplier base hit, accounting for 19%. AUO and Sharp offer some higher-order or large-size panels to Samsung TV. LGE purchase 80% of the panel from the LGD, and the remaining 20% comes from Innolux. AUO Sony 4K as its first big TV panel supplier, followed by LGD. Sony will purchase 55% of AUO TV panels, 36% from LGD, 9% from base hit.

     B also see something like Toshiba, Sharp, Panasonic, TPV / Philips these TV brands have the same layout 4K panel procurement suppliers. This means that with the growth of 4K TV market, TV brands also adjust its panel procurement strategies to ensure long-term supply panel.

     B Chinese TV brands (TCL, Hisense, Haier, Changhong, Konka, Skyworth) from Innolux, Huaxing power, LGD, Samsung showed that the proportion of AUO and BOE procurement panels were 33%, 21%, 15%, 12%, 11% and 8%. From the six Chinese TV brands can be seen in Taiwan accounted for 44% 4K panel supply is still higher than the Korean panel suppliers (accounting for 27%). The Chinese native 4K panel suppliers (mainly BOE and Huaxing power), will account for 29%.

     B China's two TV brands are also expanding. These brands and TV manufacturers are becoming increasingly important customer panel makers, including 4K TV panel shipments. These brands include AMTC, Tongfang (which has multiple sub-brands in the United States), HKC and KTC. NPD Display Search has begun to track these two TV manufacturers and panel shipments sources. The following table shows the value chain, these are classified as "other" major brand TV manufacturers to AUO, Innolux, Huaxing Electric, Sharp and LGD procurement 4K TV panels.