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LCD TV panels continued to rise
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According NPDDisplaySearch report, May shipments to mainland China LCD TV panels for 6.3 million, down 6% from April, but up 14% over last year. Due to the volume of the group hit more than expected, Huaxing Electric shipments 10% higher than the plan, overall shipments up 8 percentage points higher than expected.

     NPDDisplaySearch estimates LCD TV panel shipments declined slightly from the beginning of June, August began to gradually pick up, steady growth in September. Due to increasing our exports in the first half LCD TV panel shipments than expected, panel makers expect shipments for the second half is not high. This is mainly due to the end of the World Cup up the goods, the export growth in the second half will be much lower than the first half.

     Zhang Bing, director of China Market Research NPDDisplaySearch said: "Although exports led panel demand in the first half of this year is quite large, but with the World Cup is over, the market demand for the return of domestic demand growth in the second half from June this year, the main brands of LCD TVs. the volume of retail sales volume and has the opportunity to achieve positive growth in the second half of domestic demand to return to growth trajectory, domestic demand is expected to contribute to the annual target brands. "

     It is expected that major manufacturers will continue for the next wave of mainland China in October Golden Week actively stocking. While the current weaker mainland market demand, but did not have a direct impact on the future months Panel procurement plans. For the second half of the global TV market, there are still many variables. Although some brands have come down on the goal of the year, but they plan to purchase panels is still relatively optimistic.

     May LCD TV sales relative to last year plunged more than 30%, mainly due to market factors are not. While brand manufacturers inventory levels rose slightly, but the average stock is still the main brand factory within five weeks. Section dimensions of supply and demand is still in the tense situation, the brand factory inventory is still manageable level.

     In the current tight supply situation panel, brands tend to get priority in the panel resource inventory control. Overall, the mainland brand factory and a few months later in July, although the target shipments have come down, but still more optimistic. This means that the 2014 third quarter panel manufacturers in mainland demand is still strong.

     In the "51" before the mainland brands actively promote sales 4K and large-size LCD TVs, but less than 50 inches in parts of 4K TV sales situation is not ideal. The second half of manufacturers will gradually into more cost-effective green 4K LCD TV.

     In May, the group hit a volume higher than April highs despite a significant decline, but still the largest panel manufacturers in mainland China suppliers. Huaxing Electric shipments of 1.5 million, representing a 6% increase in April. This is mainly due to increase in the proportion of shipments Huaxing Electric 32-inch panels, the corresponding reduction of 48 inches and 55-inch panel shipments.

     Because the proportion of 32-inch LCD panel increases, BOE become China's third largest panel manufacturers suppliers, followed for LGDisplay, Samsung and AUO. Samsung and LGDisplay continued to increase 48 inches, 49 inches and 55 inches and larger-size LCD panel shipments, with a corresponding reduction in a 32-inch panel shipments.

     LCD TV panel shipments in the second half rebound

     From the beginning of May this year, the international market, shipments of LCD TV panels in the gradual decline. So many panel makers are thinking about this issue, have focused on the transition to the production of some popular products, such as small screen panels 32 inches and some 4K ultra National Tsing Hua screen panel and so on. Recent market research agency NPDDisplaySearch authority estimates that from the beginning of August this year, is expected to LCD TV panel shipments will start to gradually pick up, worthy of attention.

     LCD TV has become a home essential

     NPDDisplaySearch after the survey data analysis shows that, from the beginning of June, the international market total LCD TV panel shipments decline began to slow down, from the beginning of August, you can gradually return to normal levels, it is possible to achieve growth in September. In fact, look at the current market, the most popular size of the user segment, is concentrated in 50 inches -60 inch products, which, in particular, 50 inches and 55 inches higher shipments.

     We then turned to the domestic market, the domestic LCD TV panel exports in the first half of the number of domestic panel makers such as BOE, TCL Huaxing power, have achieved substantial growth. In fact, this has a great relationship with the opening of the World Cup in June 2014, it will stimulate consumption of LCD TVs. But in the second half, the situation of total exports, compared with the first half, there will be no apparent substantial growth will remain flat or even