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A sales policy:

Honest and trustworthy, customer first, providing customers with a strong competitive market, quality products and services

Second, the development of agents principles:

1) In the Chinese market, the implementation of small regional agency, strict implementation of market area and price protection policy;

2) allow agents to achieve zero-risk investment

Third, the agents of choice:

A) in principle, choose TV shopping company; does not choose state-owned enterprises;

2) the Company does not elect for the main products of the company;

3) do not choose the items to rival products based companies;

4) do not choose the low credibility, there is no market philosophy of the company (regardless of how much the scale of strength)

Fourth, outlets and terminal requirements:

1) strictly in accordance with the company unified VI manual setting terminal;

2) provincial city agencies: the establishment counter the image (4-8) home,

3) prefecture-level cities Agents: Each establishment counter the image (2-6) home;

4) county-level cities Agents: counter the image of the set (1-2) home; competent manager: a business manager: 3 Note: The above operational functions architecture, agents according to the actual situation of the functions assigned personnel

Five, marketing objectives Marketplace Category:

A professional medium-sized household appliances supermarket (county / city-level client)

2, individual stores (township customers)

Six, marketing requirements

Agents with the Company expressly partnership, in principle, required to be in their own agency within three months within the network coverage area of ​​more than 60%, focusing on store counters set rate of 75% or more.

1) Monthly promotional activities organized live less than 3 times;

2) Survey Office live demonstration. Seven, advertising model

1) terminal must be required by the company to establish a single image of the storefront;

2) other large advertising projects, by the agents and the Commissioner of the Company for approval plans to jointly study the market, approved by the company headquarters execution.

Eight, the terminal image

A) must be in accordance with the provisions of a unified image of the company executive, to take a unified store packaging, the store counter, the network terminal must have a professional shopping guide Purchasing Guide using the standard business processes to explain the process; reproduction rights;

2) POP advertising executive at the company uniform requirements.

3) for the regional Chuanhuo, my company will be 500 yuan / sets of fines, loss of party supplies, money is deducted from the next batch.