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Avoid continuous work long hours. When not watching TV, turn off the monitor is best, or reduce the display brightness, or a long time, easily lead to burn out or aging. In addition, a long time to display a fixed screen, there may cause some LCD pixel overheating and cause internal burns. Read the tape, I happen to have things that need to go away, and some friends used to press the "pause" button while "playing" go, this damage to the screen is actually very serious.

Keep the TV dryness. Now TV technology content is high, humid environment although it could work, but only said to be "business as usual", but can not say that "work." After moisture damage to the television set is great. So, even if you do not watch TV for a long time (then you buy it do?) Is also best regular power-up, the monitor will work when the heat generated inside the moisture driven out.
Properly clean the screen. If the screen is dirty, it is best to use a professional cleaning agent. Of course, moistened with a little water and a soft cloth to gently wipe is also possible, but not excessive water, water into the LCD screen will cause a short circuit. If found to have fog on the LCD, you should promptly with a soft cloth to gently wipe before you turn on the power. If moisture has entered the LCD, it must be placed in relatively dry and warm place for the evaporation of water.
Avoid the impact of the screen. This principle is very simple, but also very important. LCD screen is very fragile, to avoid strong shock and vibration, to remind children not to face the TV practicing "Romantic Swordsman."
Do not disassemble own LCD, even in the absence of power in the case. Because closed for a long time, the TV backlight components of the CFL inverter is still possible with a high pressure of about 1000 volts. 1000 volts! Tantamount to a record heavy "Huagumianzhang" serious personal injury is inevitable. In addition, even if the power is not inverted, wrong operation may also lead to temporary or even permanent display does not work.